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Miami's first edition of the classic Internet Yami Ichi – a series of happenings that have been hosted all over the world, bringing together the best of the internet AFK.

So let's turn off, log-out, and drop in, on the real world. The Internet Yami-Ichi is a flea market for “browsing” face-to-face.

Miami's A.I. Internet Yami Ichi curated by Fabiola Larios and presented in partnership with AI24, Miami Community Radio, Diafano, Refraction DAO and hosted at HODLER Gallery in Wynwood:

Watch the Livestream 🧠 🤖 🎨 🌐

Miami's Community Radio Line-up

  • MCR Residents
  • Dune Dogs
  • Nicholas G. Padilla
  • Harold AI Souk

The Internet Yami Ichi accepted cash and crypto! Artists and vendors will be offered goods for sale, including 50+ AI NFTs, AI Self-portraits, Augmented Reality Clothing, 3D Printed Artworks, Paintings, Soft Sculptures, and more.

🌐 The AI Internet Yami-Ichi World 🌐


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This is the first Yami-Ichi funded by a DAO. We want to thank Refraction DAO for their support in creating this event.